Singing Lessons for both adults & children!


About Us

A place to learn singing, advance as an artist & build your confidence. We run not only singing courses here but offer relaxation & controlling anxiety courses. This is a Holistic Sanctuary for anyone who wishes to be creative or for anyone who wishes to take control of their personal development!

Holistic Singing Lessons

If you are looking for a safe space and empathic teacher then give us a call.  Learning to sing can feel like a daunting prospect but once you take your first step you will not look back.  You can visit for one lesson and then decide on the best course for you.  We offer all different lessons here so people can fit them in around other commitments and financial commitments.  Our main goal is to get people singing who maybe always wanted to or have always sang yet never had a lesson, anyone experiencing vocal health problems, cannot hit a high note, unsure on their next step forward, want to do a performance exam, want to take to the stage, want to just improve and strengthen your voice, you will find a way if you visit our studio.

Recording Packages

Book in for a recording day where you get a singing lesson and a recording of yourself singing one of your favourite songs.
Please fill in your details by clicking on contact us and we will get right back to you and answer any queries you may have.
Recording Packages:
One 45min singing lesson plus recording of a song
Mum & daughter/son recording packages
Father & daughter/son recording packages
Record a demo recording package

Here at the Angel Studio we not only run Holistic Singing Courses but we run Holistic Health Workshops, Fitness Workshops and Retreats.
Our full range of Courses, treatments and classes available are listed under Courses  Available.

Why the creation of the Angel Studio?

Here at the Angel Studio we are inspired by the creativity in others.  The feeling of reaching up above all odds and trying something for the good of ourselves and for others.  So if you are a mum who is burnt out, you can find a place here to relax and rejuvenate.  If you are someone who feels they are frustrated with their singing, you can come along and find your voice & make it stronger.  We aim to create a warm and fun environment and for it to become a place you feel invigorated upon leaving and cannot wait to return to.
You can trust that you are in safe hands with a very experienced & caring teacher/therapist.  Please see the testimonials page for feedback from all clients.

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  1. 250
    Happy clients
  2. 200
    Clients Pass to Distinction at LCM Exam
  3. 300
    Clients present and future currently working in the music industry


  1. Jayne Turner LCMdip
    An experienced tutor, performer, vocalist & songwriter. Qualified and over 15 years experience as both a performer, teacher and with qualifications in both music & stress management, holistic therapy. Performed all over the UK and abroad plus ran extensive projects helping clients overcome their own blocks & putting them on the pathway towards creativity and music.